About us

Marlog Europe was founded in early 2021 as a new subsidiary of Marlog Car Handling. Brexit created a massive demand for agents who can arrange customs formalities in both the United Kingdom and Europe. Marlog Car Handling is specialized in global vehicle transport to and from other continents, especially cars, motorcycles or boats.

Global Agent Network

In the process, Marlog Car Handling has created a global network of agents and acquired all the knowledge necessary to process customs procedures in-house. Marlog Europe has been created as a separate company to focus specifically on the European market. Every day, we arrange car transports, customs clearing, export and moves to and from England, Switzerland and Norway, as well as less common countries like Andorra, Bosnia or Monaco.

Marlog Europe stands for


Marlog Europe stands for total professionalism. Thanks to years of experience and deep knowledge of the business, our company has grown to become the largest in Europe.


Marlog Europe’s personality is based on our experienced, enthusiastic staff.


Marlog Europe is a reliable partner that can provide full service for your customers, from the point of sale to your own front door.


Marlog Europe is based on customer service. Marlog has the flexibility, speed and qualified staff to treat you in a professional, service-oriented manner.

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Marlog Europe can arrange the entire import or export process for your car, classic vehicle, motorcycle or boat from non-EU member countries to EU member states and vice-versa. Request a no-obligation estimate here.

europe@mchnl.com +31 (0) 165 305065