Shipping a car to or from the UK?

Import your dream car

Thinking about importing your dream car from the UK? Or do you want to transfer your car to the United Kingdom? There is quite a bit to consider. Marlog has more than 20 years of experience in importing and exporting all kinds of vehicles, from cars and motorcycles to boats. Every month we ship more than 1500 new and used cars from our base.

Importing your car from the UK can be done in a number of ways

There are several shopping options for transferring your car from the UK to an EU country. The most common methods are by road transport or by sea freight.

Road transport

You can easily outsource international vehicle transport to Marlog Europe for the best price. We can collect cars, classics, motorcycles or boats at any location by:
Open combined transport for the best price
Per closed trailer for high-quality and safe transport
Can’t wait and do you want to ship your car to or from the UK as soon as possible? Then road transport is the solution for you.

RoRo Shipping

RoRo Shipping stands for roll-on, roll-off shipping. Your car or motorcycle is driven on and off the ship via a ramp. Once your vehicle is in the designated place on the lower deck of the ship, it is secured in a very effective manner, in order to prevent damage due to weather conditions or falls, for example. The advantage of RoRo Shipping compared to road transport is that you can count on a favorable rate.

Transport from A to Z arranged via Marlog Europe

Regardless of the location of your dream car, you can easily import your vehicle via Marlog Europe. We are happy to arrange the transport for you. Over the years, Marlog has grown into one of the largest players in the field of importing in Europe. We have built up a widespread network and can also arrange aftercare in addition to our shipping services. For example, you can get all the necessary documentation in order through us, calculate the BPM, take out transport insurance, pay securely internationally and go through a registration procedure / homologation process. We’re here for you from start to finish!

Are you wondering how we can help you?

Marlog Europe can arrange the entire import or export process for your car, classic vehicle, motorcycle or boat from non-EU member countries to EU member states and vice-versa. Request a no-obligation estimate here. +31 (0) 165 305065