Importing a car from Andorra

Are you planning to import a car from the beautiful country of Andorra? At Marlog Europe, we have specialized in the smooth and efficient import and export of vehicles from outside the EU to countries within the EU and vice versa. Our reliable, fast, and cost-effective car import services are available to both private individuals and businesses.

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Andorra Auto Import Specialist

Andorra Auto Import Specialist

Andorra, not a member of the European Union, demands specific expertise and diligence when importing a car. Marlog Europe specializes in car imports from outside the European Union. We can assist you with advice on the most favorable import solutions and provide comprehensive support throughout the entire import process.

Auto import service Andorra

Andorra Auto Import Service

When you require assistance with importing a car from Andorra, you can confidently entrust the entire process to us. However, we are also here for you if you only need help with a specific aspect of the import process. This includes customs clearance, registration, and the transportation of your imported vehicle.

Car Transport Andorra

Car Transport to/from Andorra

Are you in search of a reliable car transport company to handle the transportation of your vehicle to or from Andorra? We’ve got you covered!

Benefits of Car Import from Andorra

Importing a car from Andorra offers several advantages that make it increasingly popular. The main benefits include:

Wider Selection of Available Cars

By expanding your search area to countries like Andorra, you significantly increase the availability of both new and used cars.

Lower Purchase Prices

The purchase prices for new and used cars can vary significantly by country. For instance, purchase prices in Andorra are generally lower than in many other countries.

Greater Variety of Cars

Not all car brands, models, trims, and engine types are available in every country. So, if you’re searching for a specific or exclusive car that isn’t for sale in your country, it can be worthwhile to also consider looking in Andorra.

Costs of Importing a Car from Andorra

Given that Andorra is not a member of the EU, importing incurs additional costs. It is crucial to factor these in and estimate the expenses in advance.

Curious about the costs of importing your vehicle from Andorra? Feel free to request a price quote. We will provide you with a complimentary quotation that includes advice on the best import solution.

Standard Costs for Car Import

When importing a car, you typically encounter the following expenses:

  • Purchase of the car
  • Transportation
  • Vehicle registration authority
  • License plate registration

Additional Costs for Car Import from Andorra

When importing a car from outside the EU, there are also additional expenses to consider:

  • BPM (Tax on Passenger Cars and Motorcycles)
  • VAT (Value Added Tax)
  • Customs Duties

Benefits of Importing a Car from Andorra with Marlog Europe

Importing your car from Andorra can be a complex process. Marlog Europe offers you convenience, speed, and assurance at a competitive rate. How do we achieve this?

Quick service & expert advice

As part of Marlog Car Handling, Marlog Europe has years of experience in importing and exporting cars and other vehicles. This grants us the necessary expertise and an extensive network. Therefore, we can promptly assist you and offer the best advice for your import inquiries

Competitive Rates

Thanks to our global import network, you benefit from competitive transportation rates. We always seek the most cost-effective solution for each import request. We provide you with a non-binding proposal in advance, ensuring you never overpay and avoiding any unexpected surprises.

Customized Import Services

Whether you want to outsource the entire import process or simply need assistance with specific aspects, Marlog Europe is here for you. With our tailored import services, you decide how much support you require.

Importing a Car from Andorra

Importing a Car from Andorra?

Do you want to import a car from Andorra and are curious about what Marlog Europe can offer you? Feel free to get in touch with us. Our import experts are ready to assist you and provide advice on the best solutions. This way, we make importing a car from Andorra easy, cost-effective, and accessible to everyone.

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Are you wondering how we can help you?

Marlog Europe can arrange the entire import or export process for your car, classic vehicle, motorcycle or boat from non-EU member countries to EU member states and vice-versa. Request a no-obligation estimate here. +31 (0) 165 305065