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Do you want to import a car from or to Norway? Marlog Europe specializes in importing and exporting
motor vehicles from outside the European Union (EU), to a country within the EU. And vice versa.
With our reliable, fast and inexpensive import service, we are your import partner. Both private and

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Norway is outside the EU

Car import specialist outside the EU

Norway belongs to Europe, but is not a member state of the European Union. If you want to import and import a car from Norway, you will have to deal with additional regulations. Marlog Europe specializes in importing cars from outside the EU, to a country within the EU. And vice versa. Do you need advice or assistance in importing and importing your car from Norway? Then you have come to the right place!

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Car import service Norway

Importing a car from Norway requires extra knowledge and attention. Do you need help within the import process? Marlog Europe is at your service! You can outsource the entire import process to us. However, you can also call on our help for single parts of the import process. Think, for example, of car transport from Norway, assistance with the customs clearance or the inspection and registration of the car.

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Car shipping Norway

Are you looking for a car shipping company to transport your car from Norway to the Netherlands (or other desired country)? Marlog Europe takes care of your car transport from Norway. We offer you the cheapest and best transport solution.

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Electric car import from Norway

Norway is leading the way when it comes to electrifying its car fleet. In fact, Norway has set the goal of only selling electric cars from 2025. With the help of, for Norwegians, very attractive tax breaks, they seem to be meeting this target with ease. By now, for instance, almost only EVs are already being sold in Norway. This ensures that the supply of new and used electric cars in Norway is large. And in the coming years, the supply of used EVs will only increase. So if you are looking for a new or young used EV, Norway is your country!

Import electric car from Norway

Car import advantages from Norway

Importing a car from or to Norway is becoming increasingly popular. With the ever-
increasing supply of EVs, demand for imports from Norway will only increase in the coming years.
There are several advantages to buying and importing a car from Norway:

  • Large supply of cars
  • Lower purchase prices
  • A varied range of cars

A larger supply of cars

If you limit your search for a new or used car to just one country, the range of cars you can choose from is limited. If you expand your search to Norway,
for example, then you can choose from a considerably large range of cars. Especially when it comes to EVs.

Lower purchase prices

Are you looking for a new or used EV? Then it definitely worth to look in Norway. The Netherlands has attractive advantages when it comes to buying EVs. However, Norway takes this a step further.

A varied range of cars

Not all car makes, models, versions are available in some countries. Are you looking for a particular type of car, and it is not available in your country? You may have better luck in Norway. Especially when it comes to certain makes and models of electric cars.

Car import costs Norway

Norway does not belong to the EU. If you want to import a car from Norway, you will be faced with additional costs. So, it is important to take this into account in advance, if you want to import a car from Norway.
Are you curious about the costs for importing a car from Norway? Request a free quote from Marlog Europe. We will then advise you for the cheapest and most favorable import solution.

General costs of car import Norway

Typically, you will face the following costs when importing a car:

  • Car purchase
  • Transport
  • RDW-examination
  • Registration of the license plate

Additional costs when importing a car from Norway are for example:

  • BPM (Dutch tax for Vehicles)
  • VAT
  • Import duties

Car import advantages with Marlog Europe

Importing your car from Norway can be quite complicated. With Marlog Europe you choose for convenience, speed and certainty at a competitive rate. We will gladly explain how we do this!

Fast service & the best import advice

As part of Marlog Car Handling, Marlog Europe has years of experience when it comes to importing and exporting cars and other vehicles. As a result, we have all the necessary knowledge and a strong network. This allows us to help you quickly and give the best possible advice on your import issue.

Competitive rates

Thanks to our strong global import network, you benefit from competitive transport rates. We look for the most advantageous solution per import request. We provide you with a no-obligation proposal in advance. This way, you never pay too much with us and are not confronted with any surprises.

Customized import service

Whether you want to outsource the entire import process or just need help with a single component, Marlog Europe is there for you. You decide how much help you need with our customised import service.

Imported EV from Norway

Import a car from Norway?

Would you like to have a car imported from Norway and are you curious about what Marlog Europe can do for you? Then contact us, without obligation. Our import specialists will gladly think along with you and advise you for the best solution. This is how we make importing a car from Norway simple, inexpensive and accessible to everyone.

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