Car import Switzerland

Do you want to import a car from the Switzerland? Marlog Europe is the car import specialist in from and to Switzerland. Thanks to our reliable, fast and economical import services, we are your import partner on every edge!

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Auto importeren binnen de EU

Specialist in car import from outside the EU

Switzerland is not part of the European Union. Importing a car from Switzerland therefore requires extra knowledge and attention. Marlog Europe is specialised in car export and car import from outside the European Union. This allows us to advise you on the most favourable import solution and to relieve you of all your car import worries.

Geimporteerde auto uit Zwitserland

Car import service Switzerland

Do you need help importing a car from Switzerland? You can confidently outsource the entire import process to us. But you can also come to us for help with a single part of the import process. For example, customs clearance, registration or transport of the import car.

Auto import switzerland

Car transport Switzerland

For example, are you looking for a car transport company to transport your car from Switzerland to the Netherlands or another country? Then Marlog Europe is also the right place for you.

imported oldtimer switzerland

Importing vintage cars from Switzerland

A relatively large number of oldtimers are offered for sale in Switzerland. For this reason, relatively many old-timers are imported from Switzerland. Do you have an oldtimer in mind and would you like to have it transported or imported from Switzerland? Then you can also rely on our expertise.

Benefits of importing car from Switzerland

Import from Switzerland is really popular. As a car importer company we notice like no one else. Why is that? The answer is simple, importing cars from Switzerland brings along many benefits. For the example:

  • Lower prices
  • Greater range of cars
  • Good quality

Greater range of cars

When searching for a car in Switzerland, the number of cars you can choose from increases significantly. Thanks to that, you won’t have to make so many concessions when searching for your dream car.
Further, not all the car brands, models, versions and engines are available to purchase in your country. If you are searching for a special model of version, you should search out the Switzerland market! We are able to help you with that!

Lower prices

If you are looking for your dream car, price usually is not the priority. Even so, by many cases, import from Switzerland may be the cheapest way. During many year of experience, we have our agents in Switzerland what gives good offers/prices.

Good quality

People in Switzerland really care for their cars in a significant way. We notice that the cars out of this country are usually in a good condition and are really well equipped.
The roads in Switzerland are brilliant, which positively affects car life.

Rates for importing a car from Switzerland

As Switzerland is not part of the EU, additional costs will be added. It is important to take this into account in advance to be able to estimate the costs.

Are you interested in a reliable inquiry of the costs when importing a vehicle from Switzerland? Request a no-obligation quotation. You will be provided with a free quote in which we advise you on the best import solution.

General costs of car import

Typically, you will face the following costs when importing a car:

  • Car purchase
  • Transport
  • RDW-examination
  • Registration of the license plate

Additional costs when importing a car from Switzerland

For example:

  • BPM (Dutch tax for Vehicles)
  • VAT
  • Import duties

Benefits of importing a car by Marlog Europe

Process of importing cars may be quite complicated. With Marlog Europe you choose for easiness, effectiveness and confidence at competitive rates. We would love to explain how we do it!

Fast handling and best import advise

As a part of Marlog Car Handling company, Marlog Europe has many years of experience in importing and exporting cars and other vehicles. Thanks to that, we have all the important knowledge and strong cooperation around the world. Everything to give you the best advice and provide the service you deserve.

Competitive rates

Thanks to our wide import network around the world, customers can expect the best possible price. By all import requests, we look for the best solution for the customer and present a non-binding offer before time. With us you will never overpay!

Import service

Regardless of whether you need help with full import service or only by part of it, Marlog Europe is open to hear the issue and handle it with you! You decide what kind of help you need!

Imported car frontlight

Importing a car from Switzerland?

Would you like to have a car imported from Switzerland and you are curious what Marlog Europe is able to do for you? Without any obligation, contact us! The team specialized in car import would make sure to search for the best solution for your task.
We made the import simple, profitable and affordable for everyone.

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Are you wondering how we can help you?

Marlog Europe can arrange the entire import or export process for your car, classic vehicle, motorcycle or boat from non-EU member countries to EU member states and vice-versa. Request a no-obligation estimate here. +31 (0) 165 305065