Registration procedure

Before the car is allowed on the road, it must be inspected. Fortunately, Marlog Europe is the right address for the registration procedure and Motor Vehicle Tax processing.

Importing a vehicle goes beyond merely transporting it to the destination and clearing it through customs. For example, we can also request the registration for your import car.

Our services include:

  • Dutch vehicle registration
  • German vehicle registration / certification
  • Belgian vehicle registration
  • Classic and Antique vehicle inspections
  • Removal items import
  • VAT declarations

Import car inspection fees

Once your import car has cleared customs, we can get right to work. Naturally, we would be happy to provide a no-obligation estimate for the full homologation and/or registration of your import car.

Let Marlog Europe import your vehicle or motorcycle, and we can take the entire import process for your import car out of your hands. We can also arrange for the inspection and registration of your import car. Contact us today to request an estimate.

Request a suitable quote

Are you wondering how we can help you?

Marlog Europe can arrange the entire import or export process for your car, classic vehicle, motorcycle or boat from non-EU member countries to EU member states and vice-versa. Request a no-obligation estimate here. +31 (0) 165 305065