Temporary export of vehicles – ATA Carnet

Do you want to temporarily export a car, motorcycle, or other vehicle abroad? For example, for a fair, rally, or other event. Then you can make use of an ATA Carnet document. You can also turn to Marlog Europe for this. For just € 495,- we will arrange the right documentation.

Temporary export of car - ATA Carnet

The benefits of an ATA Carnet document

The ATA Carnet document is an official international travel document, especially for vehicles and goods that are temporarily exported abroad. This prevents the need to start a complete import process. The document offers the following benefits when temporarily exporting your car, motorcycle, or other vehicle:

  • Simplifies customs process
  • Worldwide recognition
  • Less administrative hassle
  • Saves costs

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Need help with the transport of your vehicle?

Of course, we can also assist you with the transport of your vehicle. So that it arrives safely and quickly at the desired destination. We can ship your vehicle and also arrange road transport for you.

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Are you wondering how we can help you?

Marlog Europe can arrange the entire import or export process for your car, classic vehicle, motorcycle or boat from non-EU member countries to EU member states and vice-versa. Request a no-obligation estimate here.

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